About Us

Hey Gorgeous! We're so happy you're here ❤ 

We know the power that good clothes have to make a woman feel confident. We also know the struggle of finding on-trend clothing that fits and flatters women with curves. Thus, Jess My Life Boutique was born.

We offer sizes S-3X in every style! That way, no matter what body type you have, you can find fun pieces that you will LOVE wearing! Fashion is for ALL bodies. Life is short and YOU ARE FABULOUS! So celebrate your body and wear what brings you joy!


Meet the Owner: 

Hi y'all, I'm Jess ❤ 

I'm a recent business college grad who always knew I wanted to run my own business. Through the many ups and downs of life, one thing has remained true: I knew I could do anything I set my mind to. Starting a boutique was no small feat, but my passion and determination for this business will last a lifetime!

I created Jess My Life Boutique (JMLB) because I want to encourage all women to find their own unique style while feeling beautiful inside & out! As a plus-sized woman myself, it can be very difficult to find on-trend clothing in my size. That difficulty was the motivating force for JMLB. No matter your size or shape, you should be able to wear cute clothes and feel amazing in them!!

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you love JMLB as much as I do! Love y’all! ❤ 

Five Fun Facts-Things I LOVE:

  • Coffee. So much that I really don’t think it affects me anymore. From being a barista while going to college full time, I learned how to survive--no, thrive, on coffee.
  • Traveling. For me, there is never a bad time to travel. Whether it is a local weekend road trip, summer family vacation, or spontaneous traveling with friends, I am always down to pack up and get going. Bucket list item: see all 7 continents!
  • Glitter. You will find some form of glitter on me 99% of the time. Because honestly, it goes with everything, right? I like to think my boutique is proof of this haha!
  • Patterns. Don’t get me wrong, solid colors are very versatile and needed...but patterns give me life. Here are some of my favorites: floral, tie-dye, leopard, & polka dots. You will find all of these in my boutique ;)
  • The Office. This may sound cliche, and I am okay with that, but this show really got me through the last part of college. I will not admit how many times I have seen this sitcom fully through, but I truly believe it will never get old. The more I watch, the better it gets.